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Adobe Acrobat Pro Intermediate Course
Adobe Acrobat Pro Introduction Course
Adobe Dreamweaver - Intermediate Course
Adobe Dreamweaver - Introduction Course
Adobe Illustrator - Intermediate
Adobe Illustrator - Introduction
Adobe InDesign - Intermediate Course I
Adobe InDesign - Intermediate Course II
Adobe InDesign - Introduction Course
Adobe Photoshop - A Photographer's Workflow (Introduction/Intermediate)
Adobe Photoshop - Color Correction & Printing Course (Intermediate/Advanced)
Adobe Photoshop - Intermediate Course
Adobe Photoshop - Introduction Course
Adobe Photoshop - Make a Movie Poster (Intermediate/Advanced)
Adobe Photoshop - Photo Retouching I Course (Introduction/Intermediate)
Adobe Photoshop - Photo Retouching II Course (Intermediate/Advanced)
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - Introduction
Apple - iMovie - Introduction
Apple - iOS Latest Operating System Tips and Tricks
Apple - iPhoto
Apple - Make the Most of Your Mac OS - Intermediate
Apple - Make the Most of Your Mac OS - Introduction
ArcGIS - Advanced
ArcGIS - Introduction
Basic Computer Skills Course
BbLearn / U of S Course Tools - Questions/Grades Workshop
BbLearn / U of S Course Tools - Basics Seminar
BbLearn / U of S Course Tools - Instructor Workshop
Echo360 - Introduction to Lecture Capture for Instructors (or Presenters)
Echo360 - Lecture Capture for Academic Staff
Fluid Surveys
FSD Training - Introduction to Concur Travel and Expense
HTML Basics Workshop (with HTML 5 Overview)
Introduction to Scientific Computing and High Performance Computing
Introduction to Visualization
MATLAB - Introductory Course
MS Access - Advanced
MS Access - Introduction
MS Excel - Intermediate
MS Excel - Introduction
MS Outlook - Intermediate
MS Outlook - Introduction
MS Outlook Web App Seminar
MS PowerPoint - Intermediate
MS PowerPoint - Introduction
MS PowerPoint - Tips & Tricks
MS Project - Customized Course
MS Word - Styles / Outlining / TOC's Seminar
MS Word - Collaborating on Documents
MS Word - Footnotes/ Figures / Master Documents Seminar
MS Word - Intermediate
MS Word - Introduction
MS Word Thesis Preparation for Students
Online Courses - ESRI's "Virtual Campus"
Parallel Computing with MPI Workshop - Introduction
Pixel Perfect - How to Work with Images
Research Posters - Adobe Illustrator
Research Posters - MS PowerPoint
SAS for Windows - Introduction Course
SiRIUS Training
SPSS for Windows - Introduction Course
Teaching with Clickers - The Student Response System
UniFi - FAST Finance Reporting
UniFi - Introduction to Accounting
UniFi - Journal Voucher Training
UniFi - Purchase Requisition & Receiving Training
Web Content Management System (WCMS) Basic Training
Web Content Management System (WCMS) Refresher Seminar
Wiki Intermediate
Wiki Introduction